Just a few things you should know...

Are you really African?

I am 100% African, Nigerian Born!

When are you available?

My current availability is Thursdays to Saturdays between 10am to 9pm.

Where are you based and can you accommodate?

I am based in Maidenhead and yes I can accommodate.

My private apartment is very central with parking available within 1 min of my apartment. My apartment number is given when I can see you from my window, this is to make sure I am not giving my full address to time wasters or those just seeking to collect address to turn up as of when they wish!

Please tell me what to expect

Kindly refer back to this page 'Companionship'

Can I trust you?

Yes, privacy and discretion are very important to me. You can trust that I would not contact you outside of stated times agreed and no information is shared..

Can you send me face/sexy pictures to prove authenticity?

As you can imagine there are loads of time-wasters out there and I do not wish for my pictures to be at the wrong hands not deserving of it. You can always call me to hear my voice and if I don't sound like the type of girl you want by your side, you don't have to see me.

How to arrange a meeting?

For same day appointments, it is best to call with at least 1-2 hours notice. On the chance I am not available to take your call, please try again later.

For email bookings, please make sure you supply as much information as you feel comfortable providing, such as your first name, age, general appearance, interests etc. Please be discreet and do not use explicit language.

Until I have accepted and confirmed your booking on a phone call, my availability will remain open for others interested.

ps- only book an appointment when you are sure of your schedule as anyone perceived as a time waster will be blacklisted.

How much notice do you need?

I am only available via APPOINTMENTS with at least 1-2 hours notice for same day meetings. Longer notice is preferred to avoid disappointment.

Are your rates negotiable?

Quality comes at a price so if your main concern is lowest price then I am not the girl for you!

Can I dominate you?

Never! I resent taking orders.

Do you provide fetish services?


I like OWO, I am allergic/hate to wear condoms, will you accept extra money to accommodate me?

First off, there are non-latex condoms if you are allergic to latex. Second, the offer of 'extra money' isn't worth the stress that comes with unprotected sex, I value my health and life for that type of gamble! And sincerely if you are so nonchalant about your health with seeking unprotected sexual affair with anyone you aren't in a committed relationship with... I do have to question your will to live a clean, peaceful long life free of unnecessary diseases!

What about ANAL, CIM..?


Do you see women/couples/duos?


How far will you travel?

***Currently only available to current clients***

I am happy to travel to anywhere in the UK and Europe with enough notice. A security deposit may be required at the time of booking and a travel fare will charged for the journey.

What information do you require to come to me?

***Currently only available to current clients***

I will only see you in a reputable hotel, details I need are - Your name, hotel name and address, telephone number, room number and a convenient time to call you in your room before i come join you. For international travel, do contact me for details.

I request these information only for screening purposes. Your privacy and discretion are always guaranteed. 

Can I take you out just for dinner/shopping/spa date?

***Currently only available to current clients***

Sure you can, with my time compensated of course. I love being treated by a generous gentleman so tell me, what are you planning? 

Can I get you a gift?

Every girl loves a gift and I am certainly no exception. I never expect any gift but if you love spoiling the girl you spend time with, your generosity would will always be appreciated in the most thrilling ways.

Can I smoke?

No, I do not smoke and ask that you respect my preference and also not smoke in my presence or minutes before a meeting.


I fully understand that life has its ways of surprising us at the very last minute, however I do not take kindly to last minute cancellations. I would never cancel a meeting unless something major I can't immediately sort out comes up. Once we have a date confirmed, I expect commitment and courtesy from you.

If at the beginning of our meeting you decide not to go ahead with it, you will leave lighter in a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the fee for our scheduled meeting including travel expenses where applicable. This compensation covers any loss of my time and energy devoted as well as loss of other opportunities.

For last minute cancellations/no shows especially a first meeting, the chances are that I will not want to see you again as you will appear to be a time waster. I've heard all types of excuses.. believe me!